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Environment & Sustainability

The mandate of the Environment and Sustainability group at HDI is to ensure that all mineral exploration and development operations within the organization are committed to the company's Responsible Mineral Development policy, and that they are compliant with international/local jurisdictional guidelines/regulations concerning sustainable development and protection of environmental and community values.

This mandate is achieved by developing and implementing strategies and specific plans for effective social/environmental programs that meet the highest standards of environmental stewardship, and thereby facilitate effective project approvals and permitting. There is an on-going focus on working closely within an open and forthright dialogue process and with a broad range of interests, from government agencies to local communities, to achieve mutually beneficial relationships. Activities include an integrated participation with the geological, engineering, financial, and corporate teams at HDI starting at the initial project due diligence phase and extending through project design/development, permitting, and ultimate mine reclamation and closure phases.
Bruce W. Jenkins
Executive Vice President Environment and Sustainability
BSc Biology, MSc Marine Biology (Fisheries)
Bruce Jenkins has more than 35 years experience as a consultant and corporate executive, specializing in environmental sciences, impact assessment/management, permitting, government and community relations, administration and project management, and public consultation on large mining, hydroelectric and oil pipeline projects.
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